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Stawk P. Hoto

I'm sure you recognize me as the first ever woman to hang-glide across the dead sea. That was great, yes. An adventure, sure. And it did a lot of things for my food blog. But it didn't change my life. The Aeronaut did. As a hang-gliding adrenaline junkie, I thought I had a handle on what air can do. But I clearly knew nothing. Like its namesake, the Aeronaut somehow harnesses a gravity-defying bubble blasting borderline-dangerous explosion of flavor. It's smooth. It's bold. It's perfect. I've already procured two cases as rations for my next hang-gliding trip. Wish me luck!*

* Hopefully we don't have to tell you that these are phony testimonials. We are a brand new adventure, and we don't have any glowing reviews. Be the first to submit a killer testimonial and win a Watercore Cider hat, t-shirt and koozie! Also, Watercore Cider obviously does not recommend drinking our product while hang gliding. Please drink responsibly. We are all adults here. 

Mo Dell

I think it's important to say right at the outset that I'm not the sort that exaggerates. You can tell that by my cool smile and sly eyes. But you should know that I used to love sunsets, grilled portabella mushrooms, and little baby horses, like more than anything. But now I love the Daydreamer. And that's it. There's just not room in my life for anything other than this incredible, delicious, well rounded cider. Bye sunsets, bye trendy portabella flavor bombs, bye little baby horses. Hello Daydreamer. You are my forever plan.*

Aud Itchin

My face is stuck like this. I'm serious. Like actually serious. I took one drink of The Soloist and my face froze in this lip-licking, borderline sultry, uncomfortable expression of pure pleasure. When I got home that night, my partner said "if you look at me like that one more time I'm leaving you." I haven't seen them since. And I don't care. This cider is incredible.*