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Noun / ˈdeɪ.driː.mɚ / : An internal visionary indulging in pleasantly wishful revelry of the imagination. Pause—just for a moment. Let this one wash over you. Each sip is easy and playful, flows smoothly but with just enough assertion, like a tiny leaf boat floating down a chattering brook—the path of least resistance from high in the mountains to the steady churn of the Columbia. This one’s no pallet wrecker, no Thor hammer, no eye-crosser. He is a gentle giant. And he doesn’t take himself too seriously. If you let him, he will weave with you for miles through a heavily wooded trail, reveling in the scenery, the warmth, the smell of the forest, and what is to come. He’s a dreamer. He’s an escapist. Indulge in his quiet revelry.


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