Noun / ˈer-ə-ˌnȯt / : Commander of a balloon or airship. Lighter. Than. Air. We are just as surprised as you are that this bottle doesn’t literally float away. Or at the very least explode. It’s an homage to the 1920s bubbly giggle juice favored by iced-out spiffy gals in their gladrags with their flapper lids. It is dry as a bone and light as a feather with bubbles that go straight to your noodle. One sip of this and even a stiff would roar to its feet, moons in his peepers, cutting a rug. This independent cider consists solely of apples that sound like old, rich turn of the century industrial titans. And yet she was pressed, treated, fermented, and finished entirely by hand—no factories, no smelters, minimal explosions. You’ve got the bees in this one. Zozzle up!