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Watercore Cider is a brand new adventure, but our story begins decades ago.


The captain of our soaring airship is a fourth-generation Wenatchee Valley orchard gal. She cultivated her love for apples at a very young age, working at her father's side in the family orchard. She spent every childhood summer nomming down (not an exaggeration) nothing but watercored flavor bombs. Her respect for those fresh-picked tree-ripened apples--eaten as nature intended--has only aged like a fine wine, culminating in Watercore's flavor-forward, intricate ciders. 

Our approach is true to the apple and therefore true to our heritage. We use only fresh, tree-ripened, local apples--just as our captain's childhood-self would have demanded. Our tree-ripened apples are largely un-packable, but their natural sugar content allows us to craft ciders that are also multifaceted, without sugar, commercial juice, or any other corporate crap. Our team hand selects, hand presses, and hand bottles every ounce of the delicious nectar you are about to drink. All those touches allow us total control over every step in the process. And we do our best to ensure every iota of every apple is respected at every moment.


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